Importance of Purchasing Quality LED lights

May 26, 2017 9:17 am

LED technology has caused a significant shake-up in the lighting industry, with a large number of new lighting manufacturers and suppliers entering the market in the recent years. With the continuing strong worldwide growth in demand for LED lighting, many enterprises are rushing to meet the ever increasing global requirements. However, the lack of LED standards in the lighting industry is still a huge concern.

Recently, several notables LED lighting brands like Osram Sylvania, Cree, IKEA, had made large-scale recalls in the US and Canada due to concerns of electric shock and burn hazards. Most of these recall probably occurred because the products did not meet the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) stringent product lifetime, electrical safety, and thermal resistance tests. One of the recalls, in particular, suggested the users to immediately discontinue the use of the fixture. In such a case, the inconvenience caused to the consumers greatly understates the issue.

Unfortunately, many consumers shop based solely on price and purchase the cheapest products that they can find, and rarely are these products up to the required LED standards. Lights have a very important role to perform. Paying a low price for something that doesn’t provide adequate or safe illumination defeats the purpose of having purchased it in the first place. Sacrificing the quality product over the cost further impacts the production and performance in the work area, costing users much more than their initial lighting investment.

The various LED recalls highlights the importance of using quality LED lights. Bold industry-leading LED designs and proprietary innovations will shape the future of the lighting industry. And while the current market is being flooded with LED lights, it’s important to make sure that you are buying a quality product. Beware of so-called bargains. Much cheaper LED lights on the market today are not manufactured up to the specifications and will do not last as longer. At LEDPRO,, we offer only quality LED lights from top manufacturers. To buy follow the link

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