The Next Generation High Bay/Low Bay Lighting

June 14, 2017 8:17 am

The business executives across industries are increasingly looking for strategies to reduce cost and save money wherever possible. For many businesses, transforming from obsolete lighting to new LED lighting solution can be an attractive and ultimately cost-saving alternative. Businesses are increasingly buying and retrofitting the buildings with LED lightings that not just reduces the cost but also enhances the space.

The accelerating adoption of LED lighting is changing the way manufacturers develop new products. While businesses are shifting to typical T-tubes as an alternative to traditional lighting sources, manufacturers have come up with new LED lighting solution that is far more energy efficient than T-tubes. The Linear LED Strip lights are the next generation lighting solution in High bay/ Low bay lightings. LED strip lighting lends itself perfectly to commercial applications where energy saving and maintenance costs are a major concern.

The inventive LED Strip Light Conversion Kit is an ideal solution for any High bay/Low bay application. The LED Strip Light Conversion Kit is designed to fit into existing T8 and T12 fluorescent low bay and high bay strip fixtures, allowing end users to easily replace their old fixtures. The sleek and compact LED fixture uses 60% less energy and provides 40% more light. With over 100,000 hour life and zero maintenance costs, the fixtures can provide high-quality illumination for years to come. In addition to its exceptional performance, the LED strip fixtures provide optional motion, ambient, and other wireless control features to enhance the overall lighting experience.

The LED Strip Light add clear, tangible value to both aesthetic and functional applications. The LED Strip Light continues to outshine other technologies and lead the world of lighting to a brighter and more efficient future.

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