The Intelligent LED Lighting Opportunity

June 2, 2017 1:54 am

The entry of PoE-powered intelligent LED lighting is a technology wave that brings significant opportunities to ease security improvements – but these opportunities are not obvious. The Intelligent LED Lighting Opportunity would casually pass by, but this time, the consequences of missing out such opportunities are much greater than for that has been previously missed. These opportunities will not appear automatically. Integrators need to plan, employ the right stakeholders, and bring it all together.

The key technology behind intelligent LED lighting networks is Power over the Internet (PoE), which brings the low-voltage cabling and equipment that connect Internet of Things (IoT) assets to LED fixtures. PoE is simple and available because of the success of IP-based infrastructure platforms. By using PoE as the artery of the LED lighting power and control system, lighting is incorporated into the building as an IoT asset. Besides the tremendous advantage of providing power and data over a single-layer infrastructure, PoE is also less costly than copper cable.

These lighting-related opportunities are hitting in two waves. The first wave is already in progress –intelligent LED lighting for new building projects. The second wave is for retrofits. These two waves have considerably contrasting dynamics, but to understand either one of the waves requires a grasp of the vision for intelligent buildings and the drivers behind it.

From these changes in workspace concepts, a problem arose: traditional buildings cannot be repurposed easily enough to meet the changing business needs of today’s workplace occupants, and older buildings need much better networking. Today’s business environments need people-centered connectivity, not desk-centered connectivity; however, they also need building systems connectivity that enables the building spaces to automatically adapt to the needs and wants of its at-the-moment of occupants. Digital buildings, smart buildings, and human-friendly buildings are the phrases used to describe these next-generation buildings.

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