Scope for LED lighting in Merchandising Industry

May 25, 2017 8:03 am


Scope for LED lighting in Merchandising Industry

The new cutting edge lighting technology provides retailers with a tool to drive sales by enhancing the appearance of merchandise. Lighting has a direct impact on shopper’s overall experience. The more attractive the product looks, the more fascinating it is to buy.  Prime retailers like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Next, Walmart are announcing new rollouts for their retail stores nearly every day, the major driving force being reduced operational cost and increased merchandising advantages by brighter and more attractive displays.

Shifting to LED display lights is not an easy task for retailers, they can’t afford to go wrong here as they spend a whopping amount in a hope to reduce operational cost and increase their sale and revenue. Therefore it is essential that lighting companies not just provide new lighting technology but guide the retailer on choosing right LED display lights and build lighting system that best fits the store.

Looking at the evolution of LED lighting industry, the day is not far where LED retail lights would soon have integrated micro cameras that may help retailers to keep track of their products as well other happenings in the store. Currently, EldoLED is working on installing its Lux Award-winning positioning system which uses visible light communication (VLC) in US retail stores. As LEDs become smaller and more compact, and their outputs become brighter it is easier to integrate those sources into architectural details. Philips is working on making museums livelier when visitors walk they are provided with information about exhibits on a tablet that tracks the motion. GE lighting and Bytelights are also working towards Li-fi technology. Regardless of innovative technology, retail lighting industry lacks creativity. Very few manufacturers have come up with innovative products that actually can function. The retail lighting industry has huge potential; manufacturers need to explore the industry and customer habits to come up with new trends. Overall the Scope for LED lighting in Merchandising Industry is huge, which should be explored.

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