Replacing the streetlights with LEDs

May 22, 2017 5:31 am

The outdoor lighting market is currently undergoing a period of change where conventional streetlights are being replaced with new and more efficient LED and solid-state lighting technology. Currently, there are 304 million streetlights in the world, of which only 10% accounts to LED streetlight, according to a report presented by the northeast group. Studies reveal that, though the benefits of transiting to LED streetlights are obvious, the scale-up is not happening at the required pace.

A new report, The Big Switch: Why it’s time to scale up LED Street lighting, published by The Climate Group reveals that, at present, 54% of the global population live in urban areas and consume about 70% of the world’s energy supply. With the urban population estimated to reach 75% by 2050, the cities are expected to face the challenge of energy deficiency. The Climate Group further states that the energy requirements for the rising population and growing urbanization cannot be met with the present energy resources. This, in turn, raises the question on how cities would deal with the growing energy demand.

One of the most impactful and readily implementable options available to cities is the replacement of inefficient outdoor street lighting with LEDs. LED lighting is a prominent and a desirable option to minimise the impact on energy costs and carbon emissions. Studies reveal that if every outdoor light in U.S. is switched to LED, the nation would save $6 billion a year, and the carbon reductions would be equivalent to taking 8.5 million cars off the roads.

Switching to LED street lights is a key to clean revolution. At this point, replacing the streetlights with LEDs would make a real economic sense. Immediate investment is required in energy efficient LED technologies to boost economic growth, provide safe climate, enhance the energy supply and secure a prosperous future for all.


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