Minimize Workplace Accidents with LED Lightings

June 12, 2017 8:01 am

Lighting, along with a number of other factors, contributes to safe and healthy working environment. However, poor workplace illumination is often overlooked by companies. Poor lighting not only has a negative impact on employee productivity but can also pose a serious workplace hazard. According to International Labour Organisation (ILO), globally, more than 2.3 million deaths occur per year as a result of accidents at work or work-related diseases. Apart from the human tragedy and wider consequence, there are also significant economic and business costs related to accidents. The ILO estimates the cost of workplace accidents to be around 4% of global Gross Domestic Product. The numbers above is a gentle reminder of how important it is to reduce the workplace accidents.

Workplace accidents are not just confined to high complex industries where risks are high but can occur in any business as a result of everyday activities. In any environment, poor lighting has a serious effect on eyes. Inadequate distribution and consistency of light in a workplace can harm the eyes. The visual strain often results in fatigue in employees, which then leads to costly workplace accidents.

Switching to energy efficient LED lights can help firms to reduce common workplace hazards. LEDs emit a narrow beam of light focusing the light on the required location, unlike conventional bulbs that emit uneven light patterns. A LED light improves the overall clarity in a given space by minimizing the glare and shadow. Moreover, a LED light generates less heat and has the potential to eliminate the fire hazard and providing the safe working environment.

Proper workplace lighting is essential to any business. The success of any business depends in large part on people who work for it, and ensuring their health makes a good business sense.

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