Lighting and Its Impact on Patient’s Wellbeing

May 23, 2017 5:37 am

Lighting has a remarkable effect on people, both biologically and emotionally. Lighting and Its Impact on Patient’s Wellbeing, In a healthcare facility, lighting can enhance the patient’s experience and play a significant role in promoting the wellbeing of the patients. Scientific studies reveal that improved lighting conditions in patient’s room can have a positive effect in maintaining healthy sleep and wake-up cycle. In addition, dimming and color control can create a biodynamic lighting that replicates the natural daylight and thereby help patients to maintain their circadian rhythms.

A research carried out by Philips demonstrated that patients, who were exposed to appropriate lighting, reported longer sleep duration, shorter time to fall asleep and enhanced mood. The British journal of psychiatry: the journal of mental science also provides insight on how a bright light can significantly reduce the symptoms of hospital anxiety and depression (HADS) in patients.

Human-centric lighting solutions can really make a difference in creating an enhanced healing environment. Lighting manufacturers are now targeting health-care facilities with the concept of ‘Patient-centric’ lighting. Major companies like Philips and Osram have come up with innovative lighting concepts for the healthcare facility. For instance, Philips has developed the world’s first lighting concept specifically designed for patient rooms. ‘HealWell’ from Philips lighting focuses on the human body’s natural responses to the simulated daylight and allows patients to maintain their biorhythm and have an enhanced sense of comfort and well-being.

Until now, very few researches have been carried out to show the link between lighting and patient’s wellness. Researchers, along with top manufacturers, are working towards identifying the in-depth relation between light and health of patients. Indepth insight about the impact of light on patient’s wellness can help manufacturers to develop innovative patient-centric lighting technologies and at the same time, healthcare facility can provide comfortable, calm and healing environment for patients.

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