LEDs Core Components and Products Build In U.S.A

June 12, 2017 7:57 am

LED market has attracted a plenty of new entrants in recent year. As the market for LED lighting continues to grow, suppliers are competing to capture the market share at low price point. While the competition is forcing prices down, the rise of illegal and inferior products on the market has increased the product quality concerns. The lighting market is flooded with products manufactured in overseas, where regulatory standards are lower and labor are cheap.

A LED unit’s chip is vital to its functionality, as the quality of the chip used can significantly affect the service life of the unit. If the chip is not well designed and engineered, the light output, light quality and unit service life all will be adversely affected. Manufacturers who go in for cheap LEDs risk paying a much greater price. The core components are, therefore, an indicator of the quality of both the chip and the whole unit.

LED fixtures are usually promoted for its energy-efficient, long-lasting fixture life and cost-efficient in the long run. But the faulty and illegal products in the markets have ruined LEDs reliability. With so many LED units manufactured and assembled in overseas production plants, the requirement of a high-quality component is not the only measure of product integrity, manufacturers should also ensure that their LED suppliers are accountable for quality control at every stage of the manufacturing, design and supply process.

In particular concern, top manufacturers have determined the need to produce its product with the simple mission of LED Done Right. Top LED Lighting manufacturers, have some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry and strong partnerships with companies like Osram and Nichia mean you get only the best fixtures built in with best components. Built in the USA and backed by the best.

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