Internet of Things – IoT – Industrial Revolution

May 27, 2017 8:15 am

In today’s dynamic and unpredictable market, manufacturers seek possibilities that will help them to improve profitability and at the same time alleviate risk as much as possible. An Industrial IoT platform combined with LED lighting systems can provide revenue generating opportunities to product manufacturing companies.

The Industrial Internet transforms the way people and machines perform with connected technologies. The Industrial Internet enables organizations to understand operations better by connecting machines and collecting industrial data. As a result, the Industrial Internet has emerged as a new wave in business that leads to productivity gains and performance optimization.

Beyond Illumination

Internet of Things (IoT), will allow customers to synchronize their production processes from machine to machine and at the same time take control of their energy cost allocation.

A huge advantage with IoT will be the ability to leverage LED lighting systems as a platform accessory for the IoT-enabled infrastructure. Genius IoT will provide an integrated platform to mount intelligent devices as well as the energy required to power them. The all in one Genius IoT will allow organizations to meter energy usage of adjacent equipment, monitor equipment cycle time, facility video surveillance, and predictive notifications about breakdown and maintenance of equipment.

The widespread adoption of LEDs has not only proposed a significant improvement in the quality, efficiency and durability of light sources, but it has also allowed the incorporation of digital technologies into lighting. The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is expected to have a significant impact in the commercial sector, and Genius IoT has the potential to accelerate productivity and achieve overall operational excellence.

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