Intelligent Street Lighting Paves Way for Smart City

June 5, 2017 12:43 am

Street lighting today is an essential component of any public space. Until now, lighting up places during the night has been the main task of street lights. However, in future, street light would perform multiple functions. With emerging vision of Internet of things and the smart city concept, cities have realized that streetlight can do much more than just reducing the cost and saving energy.  The intelligent street lights are networked and centrally controlled with sensors, wireless transmitters and microprocessors built within the LED systems. The cloud platform collects and analyzes data from these components to deliver optimized information for public benefit.

Networked streetlight is an ideal platform to provide a range of innovative technology for smart city applications. A growing number of cities are discovering the benefits of incorporating sensors and control into the individual street lighting system. The introduction of intelligent lighting can provide a city with environmental, financial, safety, security and several other benefits. With networked lighting system, drivers can be provided with real-time information about traffic flow as well as available parking spaces on a location. Cities can further monitor air quality and ground conditions to better understand the pollution level. Experts also believe that with sensor enabled street lighting it is possible to predict earthquake and other natural disasters before they occur, and thus allowing the cities to take timely action and avoiding huge losses due to such disasters.

Intelligent lighting solution opens up a platform for a variety of application. For example, automated fault email notifications in the case of breakdown in a fixture, notifications related to garbage collection service, enabling Wi-Fi hotspots are some other functions that a networked street light can perform.

The next generation of street lighting are likely to be more connected and this trend will play an important role in making cities safer, lively and better place to live in for citizens.

Intelligent Street Lighting

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