Impact of lighting on Student’s academic performance

May 24, 2017 5:40 am

Every aspect of students learning environment is important and there is major Impact of lighting on Student’s academic performance. Next to sleep and nutrition, lighting has the most powerful impact on student’s ability to learn and perform. Lighting influences various human functions such as vision, circadian rhythms, mood, and cognition. Bad lighting leads to discomfort and hyperactivity while better lighting increases productivity. Studies show how the quality and color of lighting can either worsen or enhance student’s visual skills. Visual impairments alone can cause behavioral problems in students.

Classroom lighting plays a vital role in students learning environment. Ample amount of lighting is necessary for a classroom to carry out a wide range of activities like traditional blackboard tasks, computer work, desk work, audio‐visual presentations and more.

Building classroom spaces that rely on daylight for illumination has gained wider acceptance in recent years. Though natural illumination from skylights is a preferred standard, most learning environment still requires additional electrical lighting. Classrooms are shifting towards simulated daylight, technically referred as biologically-optimized lighting which is created using blue and white LEDs. Researchers believe that the biologically-optimized light stimulates the body as if the person was outdoors, thereby causing the student’s circadian rhythms to move forward and forcing them to be alert through the day.

A study carried out by ZNL in association with lighting manufacturer Osram revealed that artificial LED light simulating the daylight increased the concentration and cognitive performance of the students.

As students spend most of their daytime in school, it is essential that school facilities should provide quality light and create a positive learning environment. The use of LEDs in the classroom can help children to remain calm and focused and thus, help in improving the academic performance. Lighting in schools environment must be considered as a very vital and dynamic element of the overall educational environment.

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