Human-Centric lighting – Solution for Aging Workforce

June 6, 2017 12:49 am

One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is aging workforce. As people grow old, the visual ability declines. The decrease in ability to see the distance starts in the forties and in early sixties the lens loses flexibility and becomes cloudier, making visuals more blurred. Moreover, aging also increases the sensitivity to glare. As a result, a 60-year-old person needs considerably more light than a 20-year-old to see the same visual detail.

Inadequate lighting has a major consequence on the aging workforce. The nature of work has evolved over the years. More time is spent indoors working before screens. As per Philips survey, 30-50 % of office employees are older than 45. A 2010 poll of American workers by Sun Life Financial found that more than 50 percent of respondents aspire to work past the age of 67. As the pool of aging workforce is increasing it is essential that organizations focus on developing a lighting system that not just provides optimistic work environment but also improves the well-being of the aging workforce.

Human centric lighting

In 2013, Philips conducted a survey amongst people who tested a desk lamp that allowed them to adjust its light intensity and color temperature according to personal preference. 90% of respondent reported sharper vision, optimum eye comfort and increased ability to see smaller details with a desk lamp. Philips has been working towards providing Human-centric lighting to organizations. Power-over-Ethernet is a personalized lighting system offered by Philips. It connects lighting to a network, enabling workers to control and set their personal lighting preferences using their Smartphone.

As the individual preferences vary widely, developing human-centric lighting that allows people to control their own light levels can help any age group to perform the task better. The changing nature of work and aging workforces necessitates organizations to focus more on workplace design. And so Human-Centric lighting is considered to provide Solution for Aging Workforce

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