Different Lighting Requirements For Different Retail Sectors

June 5, 2017 1:09 am

In the retail sector, lighting varies from one retail type to another. Just like other building applications, retail spaces such as specialty stores, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets have unique lighting requirements that help maximize the shopping experience and enhance sales revenue. Moreover, no retail facility can accomplish all of its lighting needs with one type of lamp or luminaire. Lighting in a retail facility requires a number of layers comprising of ambient lighting, accent display lighting, architectural lighting, refrigerated lighting, outdoor lighting, signage lighting, and specialty lighting that complements each other.

Specialty stores like clothing and jewelry stores have complex lighting requirements. A specialty store requires accent and feature display lighting to highlight and enhance the display of merchandise within a retail facility, and ultimately motivate shoppers into stores. In big-box settings, retailers require high-efficiency T8 and the T5 fluorescent lamp that delivers high-intensity light to create a dramatic image of the store. The drive to reduce energy use and cut the maintenance costs has attracted big-box retailers to shift to high LED solutions. In contrast, the hospitality segment is turning towards a range of dimmable ambient, accent and decorative LED luminaires to provide a warm, soothing atmosphere for visitors, which is of utmost importance for their customers.

Supermarkets, on another hand, require layers of lighting depending on the size of the store. Accent lighting along with ambient lighting helps in the dynamic display of products in such supermarkets. The growth of fresh food segment and refrigerated products further necessitates the need for display lighting to highlight the freshness of the food by providing a bright, uniform appearance.

The popularity of upgrading to LED lighting system is expanding throughout the retail world. Retailers are quickly responding to the changing market needs by developing a deeper understanding of the most suitable combination of lighting for their stores.

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