CREE HBY EHO Edge High Output High-Bay Luminaire

April 21, 2015 2:26 am

CREE Edge LED High Output High-Bay Luminaire

The CREE HBY EHO Edge LED High Output High-Bay Luminaire is based off its older twin, the Cree Edge High Output Flood. The engineers at CREE have taken the successful and very efficient H.O. Flood Luminaire and add a different mounting option to make a very slim and durable interior/exterior LED canopy fixture.


The CREE H.O. High-bay is designed for retail, industrial, airport hangars and gymnasiums.

Luminaire Construction

Since the CREE Edge was originally build as an exterior flood Luminaire, it features the same durable build that CREE’s products are known for.

  • Slim, low profile
  • Luminaire sides are rugged die cast aluminum with integral, weathertight LED driver compartments and high performance heat sinks
  • Direct mount includes heavy gauge stainless steel mounting brackets (non-painted) designed for direct mount to solid surfaces and includes a 6′ (1.8m) cord for mounting to customer supplied junction box
  • Exclusive Colorfast DeltaGuard® finish features an E-Coat epoxy primer with an ultra-durable power topcoat, providing corrosion resistance, ultraviolet degradation and abrasion.


Cree® LED lighting is engineered to exceed the demands of the most challenging industrial and warehouse facility spaces. With proven quality and performance, Cree LED products deliver long- lasting, energy efficient lighting that is virtually maintenance free, which frees you up to focus on your productivity and operational goals.


Cree® LED luminaires are designed for long life and will last much longer than conventional lighting, which equates to fewer replacements over time.

Configured For Your Needs

The HBY EHO is available in multiple optics, LED count, voltage, color temperatures, watts, and control options.


  • N6 – NEMA6
  • HH – Hanger High-Bay
  • 40 – 40˚ Flood
  • 70 – 70˚ Flood


  • 267W – 120 LED’s @ 700mA
  • 421W – 120 LED’s @ 1000mA
  • 533W – 240 LED’s @ 700mA
  • 831W – 240 LED’s @ 1000mA

Color Temperatures:

  • 40K – 4000K Color Temperature – Minimum 70 CRI
    • – Color temperature per luminaire
  • 50K – 5000K Color Temperature – Minimum 90 CRI
    • – Utilizes Cree TrueWhite® Technology
    • – Color temperature per luminaire

Color Options:

  • SV Silver
  • BK Black
  • BZ Bronze
  • PB Platinum Bronze
  • WH White


  • DIM 0-10V Dimming
    • – Control by others
    • – Refer to Dimming spec sheet for details
    • – Can’t exceed specified drive current
  • F Fuse
    • – When code dictates fusing, use time delay fuse
  • ML Multi-Level
    • – Refer to ML spec sheet for details

Available at LED Pro’s Online Catalog

Cree Edge 40 ̊ Flood 120 LED High Output High-Bay

Cree Edge 40 ̊ Flood 240 LED High Output High-Bay

Cree Edge 70 ̊ Flood 120 LED High Output High-Bay

Cree Edge 70 ̊ Flood 240 LED High Output High-Bay

Cree Edge Hangar 120 LED High Output High-Bay

Cree Edge Hangar 240 LED High Output High-Bay

Cree Edge NEMA 6 Flood 120 LED High Output High-Bay

Cree Edge NEMA 6 Flood 240 LED High Output High-Bay


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