Consumer Awareness and Adoption of New Lighting Technology

June 3, 2017 8:07 am

The lighting industry is flourishing like never before. The business is evolving rapidly with new opportunities and technologies every day. Solid State Lighting is the new electric lighting technology to emerge in past few decades. The SSL technology is being preferred by commercial and residential sectors but at present the technology finds itself restricted with many barriers like pricing, availability and consumer mindset about the product.

The massive and dynamic innovation in the lighting industry poses a challenge on how manufacturers do business from product development to consumer engagement. Gaining knowledge about what consumers know and don’t know can provide manufacturers a point of approach in developing strategies for general market adoption of new lighting technologies.

For years, North American lighting leader Osram Sylvania has dedicated its efforts to understand the public attitudes about the energy-efficient lighting as well as customer awareness about the lighting trends. The seventh annual Socket Survey from Osram Sylvania shows that there has been a great progress in consumer awareness about LED lighting. Nearly 99% of Americans surveyed are aware of LED lighting versus only 69 percent in 2012. The survey further reveals that 65% of respondents made LED purchase for domestic use, of which 64% purchased LED bulbs for use in sockets for general illumination. The major driving force for LED light bulb purchases was the lifespan of the bulb, cost saving in long run and reduced energy consumption, with 95% of respondents indicating that these qualities influenced their purchase decision.

LEDs are a promising light source for general illumination, but to excel in every way, manufacturers need to create awareness and educate customers about the new lighting technologies. The future will continue to bring new and exciting innovation, but at present, customers are looking for lighting solutions that provide long-term cost savings, extended service life and easily fit into their prevailing lifestyle.

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